Wormhole 🪱

Wormhole is a federated social media project inspired by Pleroma, to create a modular, extensible, and lightweight (yes, I mean it) federated backend that supports ActivityPub, and will later support Litepub and Statusnet down the road.

Full enough to be usable, small enough to not be unusable.

Get on with it.

To keep it to the 5 often repeated reasons in software development, even if that later becomes false, the goal is to create a backend that is:

What's down the road?

The project shouldn't stall for too long, so starting simple with the implementation and slowly working our way up will speed up releases and give a good idea of what's happening. Thus, saying "later down the road" saves some time for us. As we already learned with a very specific project, going -50 days when completion still isn't near isn't a goal we want here. Perfection is difficult, but improvement and planning is always possible, so let's take it easy.

Should I get my hopes up?

No, this page is basically just to get an idea for what to expect; things will change, things will happen, but only time will tell.

But why aren't you writing code then, I am: Build system is in CMake, structure should be sane enough for now.

Talk is cheap!

Repository is on Fossil

Can I donate to help

No. Donate code and suggestions, not money.